Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just opened an eBay store for my purses/VA. State Fair entry:

I have WAY TOO many purses....so I thought I would give eBay a whirl. My patterns do well there. I am calling it Pipp'sPurses. I put 11 listings as of today (including my 2 patterns). I sold this Hawaiian bag on the second day it was opened for $85.00. When I last checked it I had 4 "watchers". Show me the $$$$$$$$$$$$!!

I put 2 of my 'prototype Hobo's' up for sale too. I have developed another version which I need to photograph for all to see and review....I like better. The shoulders feel more functional and the flap/closure is thicker. I think I worked out the strap problem as well:

One of the owners of the local knitting shop, The Knitting Basket, took me aside about three weeks ago and suggested that I make a bag for the VA. State Fair. Well, here is my entry:

On my screen the photo has a bit too much blue in it. I am going to take a set of cigar box handles and thread some watermelon colored beads onto them. Wish me luck!

I have been helping my folks move and man am I tired. Also, I had my 10th wedding anniversary and my 38th birthday.......I need a nap really bad. Is it just me or when you see a cat sleeping this peacefully don't you just want to muss up its fur?

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