Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Striped Surfer Girl Baja Sweater

Striped Surfer Girl Tunic: front view Posted by Hello
I "improvised" this pattern for little Emma. Months ago, I had a bunch of Manos Del Uruguay cotton Stria without any idea of what I was going to do with it. I love the yarn but it is a little fragile. It is like a boucle with a thin string holding the cotton fibers together. It washes just great in the machine. I was a little afraid of bleeding. In my house, if it doesn't wash in the machine it isn't going to be around for long.
I just finished a beach Baja in Filatura Di Crosa Porto Cervo Print (see Easy Knitting/Summer '05/Shore Things) for myself and decided that Emma need one too! So I used my tired little brain to convert the pattern from an adult woman's scale to a 7 yr. old's. The thing I love about stripes: it helps motivate me. I tell myself to just do a little more with the promise of, "I'll stop after this color is done!" and then just keep saying that color after color until I fall asleep. Does anyone else sleep with his/her knitting? The thing I hate about stripe: All those ends that need to "disappear".
She looks great..But then again, she would look great in a potato sack.

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