Monday, October 06, 2008


I just finished publishing three patterns and wanted to take a break from designing to just make something simple and fast: CALORIMTRY Head wraps....woohooo!

For the 1st one, I followed the pattern exactly. The wrap looked great but I have a tiny little head and it was too about 3 to 4 inches too long. I'll try to sell it at my annual Christmas art show.

So I made some modifications:

1) I used heavy worsted wool.
2)I used size 9 needles.
3) I CO 90 not 120.
4)I continued with the increase pattern until 20 sts were between the markers.

Now it fits my wee little cranium WITHOUT any excess length:

I discovered I like wearing it upside down… that odd?

It keeps the back of my neck warm and my ears are still covered. The top of my head has so much hair (think Chewbacca) that I don’t really need it covered unless it gets really cold, which in VA is rare.

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