Monday, October 13, 2008

Ravenna Update:

An update from my ravelry project page:


Did a little more needle felting yesterday…I have >30% to go. I need a new piece of foam as the one I am using is on its last leg.

Did a little more needle felting last night. I think I still have 35% to go. I put this one on hold to get a few designs of mine (felted half and half, carry all tote and shoulder pack) finished up, published and I also had to start prepping for my annual Xmas show (made a bunch of felted coasters today).

Still on the hunt for handles…..haven’t hit any thrift stores yet.

Its the first week of school for all 3 of my kids so I haven’t had time to get into my needle felting zone…..
I am on the hunt for an inexpensive bag with awesome straps.
I tried the silver bead with yarn needle felted inside it (see my 8/26/2008 entry) and have decided to adjust my plan. The stuffed beads look great BUT I think that they are too small in scale. Maybe, I will use them on the straps. I’m thinking, to get the same scale as the crazy expensive Jul feet: use 4 silver filiagree ring cigar band rings with a felted bead stuffed in the center. I know that will work for sure. We have a local shop that has FABULOUS prices on silver jewelry. I am sure to find 4 rings there.

I almost have 1 side completely done….this requires patience folks:)

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